English 11\28\2019

A doctor

A pilot

A dentist

A engineer

A firefighter

A police officer

A cook


What do you want to be?

I want to be an engineer


What do you want to be?

I want to be a police officer


Do you want do be cook?

No I don’t.




English 11.26.2019


I wake up at half past nine (9:30)

I watch TV at five to past five (5:5)

I have breakfast at half past seven (7:30)

I go to a karate class at half past five (5:30)

I go to bed at ten o`clock (22:00)

My school

Hello my name is David.I study at Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational Complex. There is a farm in my school․There is gymnastics in my school. There are different holidays in my school․at my school we ride bikes, swim in the pool and make pickled vegetables.My school is 30 years old .Iove my school.